Lead the Change

It usually takes an organization to change the world, but all change within organizations begins with an individual or a small group.

It's up to you to lead the change. 


From the Inside

If you are working inside of an organization, then you can lead the change at that organization. It doesn't matter how senior you are or what title you hold. You can lead change effectively. If you don't know how, you can learn how.

This article from the Institute for Corporate Transformation will get you started. While you are there, check out the Intrapreneur Accelerator for specific training on this skill.


From the Outside

If you are a consultant or other service provider who works with clients, you can lead the change from outside of other organizations (and inside your own as well). You can even take on whole cities or even whole industries. Take Charlotte for instance. You can lead like that too. 



Join the Coalition

Whether you're inside, outside, or anything in between, you can join the 100 Months to Change Coalition and add your wisdom and experience to help us all learn how to lead the change even better.


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Resources & Tools

The 100 Months to Change coalition is all about action. Here are a few tools and resources you can use to lead the change.

The Stakeholder Score

The Stakeholder Score is a self-assessment tool to help companies gather feedback on their performance from their stakeholders.  

Beyond Zero

A powerful documentary film telling the story of the Sustainability journey at Interface. Screenings of this film are a great way to open up conversations and get people to lead the change in their organization. 


The team launching 100MTC in the Netherlands has a proven, gamified process for engaging employees in the critical work of transformation.

Much More Coming Soon.
As the Coalition expands there will be many more tools and resources we all can use to lead the change.


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